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Introducing Ryan Roth, the force behind RLC DJ Academy. Also known as Roy LaCroix and Driver405, he is a seasoned DJ/Producer with a track record of high-profile clients, including Lil' Jon, Nyjah Huston, Coco & Breezy, Walker & Royce, and many more. Roth combines his 15+ years of performing stages and festivals across America with his 7 years of experience as Pioneer DJ's Artist Manager.


From leading DJ trainings at Beatport and EDC's Artist Lounge to teaching tips and tricks to artists like David Guetta and Craze at Miami Music Week, Ryan Roth's expertise ensures a professional and transformative learning experience at RLC DJ Academy.


Roth offers in-person and virtual trainings with a custom-tailored and friendly approach to any DJ or production goal. Notably, he has mastered rekordbox, Serato DJ Pro, and Ableton Live.


Elevate your DJ skills with an instructor who has helped upgrade the careers of industry giants.

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Everyone's DJ journey is different.

You're here because you want to learn how to play with music.

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Every client is unique! We customize educational packages for your DJ journey.

+ Wanna do just one lesson and see if DJing is your thing? We got you.

+ Wanna jump right into playing clubs in 6 months? We got you there too.

+ Wanna learn how to make a beat? Let's do it.

+ Been DJing/Producing for years and you wanna learn EVERYTHING about the CDJs? Buckle up.

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