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Ryan Roth's First Blog Post Ever - Wow, Historic

Quarantine & coffee have got me feeling real productive. Here's a little intro about who I am.


Grandma Marge came by to visit at a safe distance of 40 feet

{Hello World}

Well, as we struggle to adapt to this new normal of life, I'm beginning to find that I have a lot of free time. I've always wanted to start a blog, but this will probably be a bit of a hodgepodge of words at first. Perhaps one person might find this useful! This blog (journal?) will probably include some combination of personal memoirs, technology morsels, updates on my music journey, and dank memes. I am comfortably anxious about the current state of the world, but we've gotta hold on to what keeps us human.

I currently live in Los Angeles, California; yet, here I am writing this from my family home in Saint Louis, Missouri. I thought it best to return home to spend time with family for awhile due to some family stuff going on, but also because the mother has a steady supply of toilet paper.

What's New?

Some of you may know me as the charismatic house music DJ/Producer, Roy LaCroix, or maybe my shadowy and emotional 80s alter-ego, driver405. Some of you might also not know that I have been deep into electronic music for over 10 years and may only know me as Ryan Andrew Roth, the mild-mannered Marketing Specialist for Pioneer DJ. Well, I'm working on tons of new music and sending tons of emails, even while I'm quarantined with my mother and three cats in Saint Louis.

This is sort of what my life looks like right now

Currently sitting on my hard-drive, I have 12 Roy LaCroix tracks and 17 driver405 tracks about 75% finished. If you are a computer musician, you know that the last 25% is definitely the most time-consuming. Balancing work, health, and music isn't always the easiest, but when you get a chance to put something you created into the world, that's where the cool stuff happens. It's pretty tough to stay motivated right now, but I think it's important to always be creating.

Hit Me Up

Let's get to know each other - please comment below if you find this blog interesting or if you want to learn more about my unusual journey on this strange planet.

Stay healthy and stay creative.


P.S. go listen to the new Weeknd album. It's pretty great and has lots of 80s synths.


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